26 December 2010

Julie Andrews is watching you.

I hope the day of boxes finds you well, and considering I am the only one who reads this blog I guess it does.  Sleep ins, leftovers, family, riverside walks and second hand book sales make for a good Boxing Day.

Booksale haul: Marry Poppins, The Sound of Music, Greek mythology literature and some Agatha Christie stories.  $5 well spent me thinks. 

I now have all the Julie Andrews on record I could ever wish for.  I'm not ashamed about enjoying The Sound of Music soundtrack.   Sadly I have never watched the movie in its entirety.  I was frightened the Nazi's would murder the children and their curtainy attire.  Clearly I didn't understand how musicals worked.

Julie Andrews is watching you.
I'll probably go to bed now.  Or I might make a dress out of drapery.  Whatever.

22 December 2010

Obligatory Introductions.

Hello internet, it's nice to meet you.
I'm a student from New Zealand.
I read Anne of Green Gables, watch The Lion King and far too much YouTube.
I eat my Grandma's homemade spaghetti but not canned beetroot.
I am a cat person therefore I am friendly to the interwebs.
I like op shopping but not Mike Hosking's hair.
I aspire to be a power ranger and/or the Doctor's companion.
See you in the future.

Dear Blog

I started you as procrastination from exams, but now I want to try you out.  For realzies.

I could call this post something like New Year, New Blog, but that's tacky.  And I aim not to be.

I want to write better England and get thousands of followers who care what I say make my mark on the internet.

Lets be nice to each other,

1 December 2010

El Completo

NCEA exams finished today.

Freedom and summer are beautiful things.