31 January 2011


Today's purchase of a West Side Story record has made it official.  I have a fetish for LP musical soundtracks.
Just thought I would share.
I shall post soon.

15 January 2011

My Nerdfighter Story.

Nerdfighteria is an eclectic community.  It isn't a commune or defined by geographic position; instead it's inhabited by internet-loving nerds from across the galaxy.

I love the inclusiveness of being a Nerdfighter and the powerful influence for good we have.  P4A got me thinking about how awesome Nerdfighterness is. I also realised that I have been a Nerdfighter for a very short period of time .  Feels like longer.

I stumbled across this FAQ video whilst watching a video about A Very Potter Sequel (excuse me whilst I fangirl).  Nerdfighteria has proved to me that the internet isn't all free cursers and Facebook; it can be very worthwhile.  Becoming a Nerdfighter was AVHC (a very happy consequence) of the Suggestions box on Youtube.  It made me wonder how the rest of Nerdfighteria was populated.  How did you become a Nerdgfighter?  I'd love to know your story.


P.S  Thank you to Katey, my first follower.  It means a lot.