13 April 2011

If I were a Boy.

Today I broke a promise to myself.  I wore bum/hobo/fat/grey pants in public.  Not my best 14 year old moment, but I ENJOYED it.

Optimum gaming position.
 It was a Boys vs Girls kind of mufti day today.  I went as a gamer, which I thought was fairly representative compared to the amount of gangsters.  Please take special note of the Halo 3 beanie.

What would Yoda do?  Excuse to wear this t-shirt I tell you. 

12 April 2011

Tramping is Fun?

I just got back from tramping the Rees Dart.  After popping my blister baby and showering I can come to the conclusion that it was fun.  Tramping can seem a little like torture, and then you get to the top and see the view.

Creation eh?
I'm working on a Thoughts from Places video for the trip.  Let it not be said that nerds don't tramp.

Dart hut had a segment of Return of the King.  Sadly it ended just as Eowyn got her feminist on.

The weather was amazing, the people were kinda great, much chocolate was eaten and the scenery was AWESOME.  Honestly.  I don't think it could have been any better.

Take note of the matching  stripey thermals.  This is essential when tramping.

Now it is time to get back to the reality of homework.  Civilisation is nice, but walking along the valley floor is stunning.

4 April 2011

Originality is a ghost town.

Sometimes I wonder if I try too hard to stand out.  I will now throw in an example: this blouse.

Blouse - Op Shopped
Skirt - Warehouse
Shoes - Handmedown from Mother
Also Cat.

Observe the blouse.