1 May 2011

An Open Letter to Darren Criss

It's funny how I feel the need to justify my fangirlishness.
It's not a J-14 poster crush.  It's a respect.
AVPM captivated me and inspired me to make my own theatre.
I legitimately like your music*.
Glee was one of my favourite ways to waste time before Blaine - although now it is doubly good.
And while I still feel this obsessive hipster need to claim I was a fan before
everyone in America I promise I'll never stalk you.
I respect your work; individually, as an actor on Glee and collectively with Starkid.
Keep it up Darren. 
You are cool.

* You are better without the Glee-standard-autotune
** Pictures from Tumblr and Facebook ages ago.  Sorry I don't know who to credit them to.  I'd love to know though...

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