4 April 2011

Originality is a ghost town.

Sometimes I wonder if I try too hard to stand out.  I will now throw in an example: this blouse.

Blouse - Op Shopped
Skirt - Warehouse
Shoes - Handmedown from Mother
Also Cat.

Observe the blouse.


  1. It's like that thing I heard somewhere, we're all unique just like everybody else. ;)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  2. I sort of know what you mean about trying to hard to stand out. But it's got to be more fun that fitting in right?
    But yes, as well, if everyone does it that's defeating the purpose of standing out. Hm. Tricky.

    Anyway, I love the blouse. It's brilliant. And nice cat!

    (And while I'm at it ('it' being typing a lot) thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, and I will persevere with the espadrilles! ;) )


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