26 May 2011

Two outfits. No Commentary.

I wore a onzie to school.  Deals with it.
I am learning how to use self timer!
Retro shirt from www.planetretro.co.nz  I like it a lot.
I also like these tights.  They are from Glassons and have so many holes. 
I have great respect for people who can wear thin tights without getting holes in them.  
They deserve a certificate. 
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24 May 2011

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When words fail, LOL speaks.

If you have a minute why don't we go talk about it somewhere only we know.

This weekend I am going without talking for the 40 Hour Famine.
It is going to be jolly hard.

It makes me think of having long chats with people over cups of tea. 
Skype/Facebook is not the same.

So here are the action points:
  • Have tea with someone.  Bring it in a thermos.
  • This will generate happiness and friendship times.
  • Hang out and talk. 
Today I brought tea to my brother's/friend's band.   Then I watched them jam. 
It was fun, we had fun, and drunk tea.

I am not coherent.  Time for bed.

21 May 2011

Friday. In which I experienced much getting down.

I helped out at a Blulelight disco for some chilluns on Friday.  A Bluelight disco sounds like something incredibly hipster because of the nostalgia it could generate.  But I can't say helping out at one made me weep for days gone by.  All I remember of my socials is awkwardly standing by the wall, clutching my fizzy drink.  And then I would dance even more awkwardly, waving my octopus arms to the beat of S Club 7.  Nothing much has changed.  Only now I'm not embarrassed about my dancing.

Sleazy Ella is sleazy.  Would you trust me with your children?
The theme was 'Bright'
Blazer - $15 from some lady selling off her old stuff.  Seemed expensive to me at the time (compared to Sally Army prices) but I am rather glad I bought it.
Scarf - Grandma
Button/ring - From Mother

After partying partying at the disco I went home and watched the Glee 'Prom' episode in bed.  Let me now list the reason it was awesome.
  • High Darren Criss and Rebecca Black ratio
I will know go and import Barbie TM Slumber Party Mix Volume 1 into itunes.

19 May 2011


Today is monumental because of Doctor Who.  Series six starts today in New Zealand.  Goodness it is exciting.  Even if I don't sound it I truly am.  Excited.

Also, I only need 4-5 ish new followers to have more than my History teacher.  Then I can gloat.  And have a party to celebrate my popularity.  I try not to get caught up in followers.  I mean, I love people commenting and being interested.  Hopefully I can be interested in them back.  Two way interaction.  But I dislike people whoring themselves on the web. So I hope my push for more readers ends after I surpass my History teacher.  I prefer people reading because they are actually interested, not because I have an colourful thumbnail*.  Blogging is a hobby, and helps me rely less on FB status to say what I'm thinking.

Anyone want to see my formal dress?  I'll put photos up some time.

*I think this is what I feel about the whole 'YouTube Debate'.  Don't whore yourself.  Stop moaning and create the content you want to see.  YouTube won't hand you subscribers on a plate.  Find them yourself.  Katey has good things to say.
**My Mum started following me.  Yay :)

16 May 2011

Ascot bows and fancy.

Felt a bit fancy in this attire.  It's nice.  I usually feel scruffy and eclectic when I wear something different.

Scarf from Grandma from her mother.
Top from an awesome teacher.

11 May 2011


I like reading fashion blogs, but not the runway analysis type.  Too much like unfamiliar texts (more bs you talk, better you do.  Theory is proven.)  I like street style.  To see what people actually wear.  The stories behind it.  What looks good.  What doesn't.  I like to see the mistakes.  Opinions.  I especially like to see what was thrifted. 

This is always the direction I wanted for this blog.  It's slightly nerve wracking but I want to document what I wear.  Then I can see it in a different way.  I also want to share it with you, the internet.  I may or may not want to procrastinate from all the school work I have in this month of May.

Retro sheer blouse.  Goodness I am on TREND (sarcasm)
Op Shopped frumpy nana jersey - $5
Diva cameo earrings
Doctor Who photo from Doctor Who pinball machine in C1, a hipster cafe in the centre of Christchurch :(

10 May 2011

It's Prom Night!

My school Formal/Prom/Ball is this week.  I slightly snub it.  I am excited to be with my classmates.  I am looking forward to getting dressed up.  It's just I find the institution indulgent* and people tend to lose themselves** in all the excitement.  Suffice to say I wasn't on the formal committee.

I bought a dress I will wear again.  I have proudly worn my dress from last year 5 times (and counting).  I did dream of a glorious vintage dress but I'm realistic.  This isn't my wedding. 

I hope you have a good night if this is relevant.  Don't get caught up in dresses and fake tan.  Dance.  Ask others to dance.  Be kind.  Talk.  Take photos.  Don't stress about partners - all you do is walk in together.  Just enjoy everyone's company. 

Enjoy my unresearched sampling of diamante and pouffy vomit.***

Oh, just curious, but do ball dresses ever remind you of satiny nightwear?  Just me?  Cool.

Glam Gurlz 2011 Prom Dress S35007
Source I weep for the future.

Source I wish my Formal could be this cool.  I like her sleeves.

Source  This would be the most extreme dress for a tea party.

Source Feels like a table runner.
* World Vision can buy seeds to feed 10 kids in East Timor for a year with $40.  People spend about that amount on the alcohol for the after party.
** Aren't I diplomatic? 
*** I have taken these dresses totally out of context.  I don't know the people who wear these.  There is (probably) someone who likes nuclear yellow bejewelled cut outs.

5 May 2011

Passion. A text conversation.

Me: Yeah you don't want to be stuck in uni til you're 30

Friend: Haha true.  I may as well be though with how hard it is to find design jobs...

Me: But you have to do what you love otherwise whats the point?  life would be so awful

Friend: You're completely right!

Please excuse the flash.  Also excuse my cellphone grammar.  I try to have grammatical integrity most of the time.

2 May 2011

Knitwear details.

I'm kinda proud of the amount of knitwear I wore today. 
Here are detaily shots because I am too lazy to take a proper photo.

Boots - Mother
Legwarmers - Glassons years ago.  I was laughed at when I bought them.  Who's laughing now?  (Probably still them)
Tights - Farmers

Purple Batwing Dress - Glassons
Scarf - A Shop
Necklace - Grandmother's pendant.  Very special.

Not pictured are my yellow op-shopped mittens I wore. 
Stay warm.

1 May 2011

An Open Letter to Darren Criss

It's funny how I feel the need to justify my fangirlishness.
It's not a J-14 poster crush.  It's a respect.
AVPM captivated me and inspired me to make my own theatre.
I legitimately like your music*.
Glee was one of my favourite ways to waste time before Blaine - although now it is doubly good.
And while I still feel this obsessive hipster need to claim I was a fan before
everyone in America I promise I'll never stalk you.
I respect your work; individually, as an actor on Glee and collectively with Starkid.
Keep it up Darren. 
You are cool.

* You are better without the Glee-standard-autotune
** Pictures from Tumblr and Facebook ages ago.  Sorry I don't know who to credit them to.  I'd love to know though...