11 May 2011


I like reading fashion blogs, but not the runway analysis type.  Too much like unfamiliar texts (more bs you talk, better you do.  Theory is proven.)  I like street style.  To see what people actually wear.  The stories behind it.  What looks good.  What doesn't.  I like to see the mistakes.  Opinions.  I especially like to see what was thrifted. 

This is always the direction I wanted for this blog.  It's slightly nerve wracking but I want to document what I wear.  Then I can see it in a different way.  I also want to share it with you, the internet.  I may or may not want to procrastinate from all the school work I have in this month of May.

Retro sheer blouse.  Goodness I am on TREND (sarcasm)
Op Shopped frumpy nana jersey - $5
Diva cameo earrings
Doctor Who photo from Doctor Who pinball machine in C1, a hipster cafe in the centre of Christchurch :(


  1. Firstly Doctor who is the best thing since sliced bread.
    Secondly, I love street style too. That's what I want my blog to be like! I've tried doing runway stuff occasionally but I really should admit I don't know what on earth I'm on about. ;)

    I like that blouse! And thrifted granny jumpers make up most of wardrobe. :D And also thrifting (or in England English shopping in charity shops) is the best thing ever. After Doctor Who.

    Okay I'm rambling madly. Thank you for the nice-nesses on my blog too. :D I look forward to your comments! :D

  2. I adore you!!! You're so cool. And I love your enthusiastic comments on my blog <3 I'm following you, the hilarious prom dress post below convinced me that you should have been my best friend in high school oppossed to the drug-taking skanks I hung out with. We coulda been like Enid and Rebecca (as long as I get to be Enid! Minus sleeping with Steve Buscemi's character coz damn he's just CREEPY [although nicely geeky in the movie, if only they transferred that personality into, saaaaaaay, some cute almost-adult canadian actor OH WAIT, they have, that's what Michael Cera is for]) That was a long rant. Apologies!

  3. I prefer the streetstyle ones, too. I like your sweater!

  4. thank you for your comments :) and oh, here's to a great start!!


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