21 May 2011

Friday. In which I experienced much getting down.

I helped out at a Blulelight disco for some chilluns on Friday.  A Bluelight disco sounds like something incredibly hipster because of the nostalgia it could generate.  But I can't say helping out at one made me weep for days gone by.  All I remember of my socials is awkwardly standing by the wall, clutching my fizzy drink.  And then I would dance even more awkwardly, waving my octopus arms to the beat of S Club 7.  Nothing much has changed.  Only now I'm not embarrassed about my dancing.

Sleazy Ella is sleazy.  Would you trust me with your children?
The theme was 'Bright'
Blazer - $15 from some lady selling off her old stuff.  Seemed expensive to me at the time (compared to Sally Army prices) but I am rather glad I bought it.
Scarf - Grandma
Button/ring - From Mother

After partying partying at the disco I went home and watched the Glee 'Prom' episode in bed.  Let me now list the reason it was awesome.
  • High Darren Criss and Rebecca Black ratio
I will know go and import Barbie TM Slumber Party Mix Volume 1 into itunes.


  1. The glee prom episode! could not believe how much better they made rebeccas song sound- not that its has become a good song. just much much better!

  2. My last Blue Light Disco was in 1983. I was 13. It was a hectic night.

    I wore tight leggings and a baggy t-shirt with Madness.
    I smoked cigarettes (the cops let us back then).
    I danced with a boy.
    I nearly got bashed up by a group of tough girls I didn't know.
    I hitched a ride home with strangers so I could save myself.
    I got in big trouble by my mum who found out I had been smoking.

    Nostalgic memories. Enjoy your youth. Live Loud! :-)


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