19 May 2011


Today is monumental because of Doctor Who.  Series six starts today in New Zealand.  Goodness it is exciting.  Even if I don't sound it I truly am.  Excited.

Also, I only need 4-5 ish new followers to have more than my History teacher.  Then I can gloat.  And have a party to celebrate my popularity.  I try not to get caught up in followers.  I mean, I love people commenting and being interested.  Hopefully I can be interested in them back.  Two way interaction.  But I dislike people whoring themselves on the web. So I hope my push for more readers ends after I surpass my History teacher.  I prefer people reading because they are actually interested, not because I have an colourful thumbnail*.  Blogging is a hobby, and helps me rely less on FB status to say what I'm thinking.

Anyone want to see my formal dress?  I'll put photos up some time.

*I think this is what I feel about the whole 'YouTube Debate'.  Don't whore yourself.  Stop moaning and create the content you want to see.  YouTube won't hand you subscribers on a plate.  Find them yourself.  Katey has good things to say.
**My Mum started following me.  Yay :)

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  1. I'm going to go ahead and request pictures of your formal dress. (:


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