10 May 2011

It's Prom Night!

My school Formal/Prom/Ball is this week.  I slightly snub it.  I am excited to be with my classmates.  I am looking forward to getting dressed up.  It's just I find the institution indulgent* and people tend to lose themselves** in all the excitement.  Suffice to say I wasn't on the formal committee.

I bought a dress I will wear again.  I have proudly worn my dress from last year 5 times (and counting).  I did dream of a glorious vintage dress but I'm realistic.  This isn't my wedding. 

I hope you have a good night if this is relevant.  Don't get caught up in dresses and fake tan.  Dance.  Ask others to dance.  Be kind.  Talk.  Take photos.  Don't stress about partners - all you do is walk in together.  Just enjoy everyone's company. 

Enjoy my unresearched sampling of diamante and pouffy vomit.***

Oh, just curious, but do ball dresses ever remind you of satiny nightwear?  Just me?  Cool.

Glam Gurlz 2011 Prom Dress S35007
Source I weep for the future.

Source I wish my Formal could be this cool.  I like her sleeves.

Source  This would be the most extreme dress for a tea party.

Source Feels like a table runner.
* World Vision can buy seeds to feed 10 kids in East Timor for a year with $40.  People spend about that amount on the alcohol for the after party.
** Aren't I diplomatic? 
*** I have taken these dresses totally out of context.  I don't know the people who wear these.  There is (probably) someone who likes nuclear yellow bejewelled cut outs.


  1. Ahhh formals, I wanted to punch myself in the head - you have quite accurately surmised some of the shite. Hope it went jolly. Cute blog! xx jazz


  2. I loved my school socials!

    I never went with a date as I wanted to have to much fun with my friends. We would go in a rowdy crowd with heavy make up and teased out hair. Also tights and gloves (in the tropics).

    Have you seen "Pretty in Pink" - one of my fave movies. I watch it once a year as a treat. The end is lame though. I was an 80's teen.

  3. Haha love the Napolean Dynamite pic...one of my all time favourite movies! Those sleeves are big!


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