2 May 2011

Knitwear details.

I'm kinda proud of the amount of knitwear I wore today. 
Here are detaily shots because I am too lazy to take a proper photo.

Boots - Mother
Legwarmers - Glassons years ago.  I was laughed at when I bought them.  Who's laughing now?  (Probably still them)
Tights - Farmers

Purple Batwing Dress - Glassons
Scarf - A Shop
Necklace - Grandmother's pendant.  Very special.

Not pictured are my yellow op-shopped mittens I wore. 
Stay warm.

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  1. This is so weird, it's so summery here I'm weaning myself off knits (though I still went cycling wearing shorts... and a huge knitted jumper!)

    I love knits. I love your boots/legwarmers/tights thing. :D:D:D And from what I can see that pendant looks really cool! (I love inherited things.)


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