26 May 2011

Two outfits. No Commentary.

I wore a onzie to school.  Deals with it.
I am learning how to use self timer!
Retro shirt from www.planetretro.co.nz  I like it a lot.
I also like these tights.  They are from Glassons and have so many holes. 
I have great respect for people who can wear thin tights without getting holes in them.  
They deserve a certificate. 
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  1. They need a medal in my opinion! :D

    I love that shirt too! I love that kind of, er, jester check? Hehe GO SELF TIMER! :D

  2. Oohhh, I love your harlequin diamond shirt!

  3. glassons do the absolute best socks and tights! love your harlequin shirt too :) - uberbeige.blogspot.com


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