27 June 2011

Certified Hipster.

A childhood dream has been achieved, I now have reading glasses.  Achievement unlocked (bleep blop).

I feel as if I am now a certified hipster.  I wants my qualification.

In other, irrelevant news, I watched The Great Gatsby last night.  It seems to me, with my limited knowledge of American literature (Of Mice and Men.  Love that book), that the idea of the American Dream being unattainable is quite common.  Even though Disney hounds us with the dream-is-a-wish-your-heart-makes-refined-sugar-cr*p.  I want to explore this idea further, I should probably read the actual book though.  I'll just sparknote it for now.

There is more to me than my hipster glasses.

EDIT:  I lie, I have also read To Kill a Mockingbird.  This is also great American literature.  It too is about how the American Dream of equality/opportunity is unattainable.  I'm also a massive John Green fan.  Does he count as a great American author yet?  Or do we have to wait until 50 years after his death?


  1. I LOVE the second glasses. They're ALMOST like Prada eyebrow glasses, and who isn't obsessed with those? (Okay you'll say you're not I know it! Ha!)

    And if you want in depth great Gatsby analysis I can do that. I'd studying it for the IB. It's phenomenal. I could write for days on it! Don't ask spark notes ask me!

  2. John Green IS a great author, and I sincerely believe that he lacks the weakness to die. He'll probably turn 739 and still be writing such awesome books.


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