15 June 2011

An Ode to the shoes that didn't fit.

When Op Shopping, finding shoes that do not fit is a common problem.  From the wracked depths of my soul comes poetry on the matter.

I weep
when my toes
will not squish into granny's
glory shoes.

must we be cursed with
what we cannot

Like me,
my feet are
in the world
of opshops.

Far too small.

Brand new.
Far too big

Two photos are needed to explain these babies. 
Again too small.
With tights in winter, dresses in summer. 
It will never come to be.


  1. I saw the pictures, was about to yell, "I LOVE THOSE SHOES," then realised... No. they don't fit you. So instead I'll just post-


  2. Yeeeargh, this is SO TRUE!! After years of buying shoes that were too big or too small just because I liked the way they looked... I'm done with it.

  3. =( I have exactly the same problem amigo as my feet are a size 10-11. Sooooo big for a girl =(! I'm sorry I haven't posted comments moar, everytime I try to my account signs out. RETARD INTERWEBZ GAWSH. You gotta facebook? I wanna add you so we can be interwebz biddies, if that's not too creepy-stalker-get-away-from-me-I-don't-trust-your-rapist-face for you

  4. I had pretty much those exact shoes (top pic in brown) in high school circa 1988. I also had brown brogues with a coin on top...yes they were cutting edge fashion 25 years ago!


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