8 June 2011

Studying, Studying YEAH.

I have practise exams this week.
Today I have read a sizeable amount of Terry Pratchett, wandered the town centre dressed in my ball dress and blogged.  Naturally.

How was your day my internet friends?
Mine has been great, though maybe not for my English marks. 

I used to think only British school chums corporate people wore blazers.  I guess trends can easily influence my mind.  This librarian-esque jacket was my mothers, it was bought for my dedication and is the same age as me.

I am excited about something.  Maybe my mad photo editing skills.

Morning tea and self timer.  I have my priorities.

Time to get my A into G.  I will now make brilliant mind maps on 'Brave New World'.


  1. Morning tea is very very important. Nice tights. And awesome jacket! Adopted Mum clothing is a very important part of everyone's wardrobe. ;)

    I've had tonnes of practise exams too, otherwise known as mocks, but they're still very evil and we're expected to stress and work hard for them anyhow. Sad sad.

  2. (in reply to your comments) Go crazy cat ladies! Hurrah! And the bag is all yours... Shoes *drool* P.s. Digging your posts. I will start reposting outfits of mine when I has a cool new camera (my other one broke *seriously sad face*). It could be a while though lol. Hope your digging the Polyvore outfits!


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