11 August 2011

16 dress + trying to be artsy

This has been languishing as a draft for far too long.  Be free!
I bought this dress on my 16th birthday for $4.
It took me a year and half to actually wear it, but I have always loved it dearly.
It makes me think of rose gardens.


  1. Love a romantic, flowing dress to make you feel all, dare I say it, Jane Austen.
    Oh you are good. I can't come at these romantic dramas.

  2. That dress is gorgeous. Your hair look lovely here too. All golden and wavy at the bottom. :)

  3. it's lovely! so in right now too :) thanks for your comment on my blog! annie x

  4. Ahh!! This dress is gorgeous!! And it looks so charming on you! Lovely (^_^)

  5. Wow you look so pretty :) And she floats down from the heavens....


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