26 August 2011

Abstinence and Mute Shoes.

Dear Internet,
From hence forth I shall not be frequenting your sites of procrastination.  Until practise exams at least.  I took a vow of abstinence.  Lined refill makes for a binding contract.

I excluded blogging from my paper-oath.  I see it as a semi productive enterprise.  More than Tumblr *shakes fist* anyways.

This time of year is a horrible time in ones last year of school.  Realisations of your credit count, multitudes of internals, practise examinations, legitimate examinations, mocking sunshine and important forms to fill out.  Actual important forms.  About University.  And I thought I had left handwriting woes behind in primary school.  Habitats such as this spawn unhealthy habits.  Which I need to eradicate.  Which I will try to eradicate.

So goodbye my lovers, goodbye my friends.  Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr.  May you prosper without me.

On another, more bodacious note, let me introduce you to some shoes.  I look on this pair with a twisted kind of excitement.  I was partaking in the the 40 Hour Famine at the time.  I had given up talking, was over halfway through, for sponsorship which goes to World Vision.  Not talking is not easy.  Shoes at the Salvation Army were half price.  These ones made me converse.  I didn't even realise.  They are my nemesis.  But I also have mucho appreciation for the paradoxical pair.  I am always unsure if they were worth having to repeat the Famine.


22 August 2011

Tradition tastes good.

I am the 4th generation to frequent this bakery.
After a speech exam we went there.
Food always marks important occasions.
It tastes so much better than it looks.

15 August 2011

A visual punch.

In an utterly fantastic occurrence, today was a snow day.  I like this type of Monday.
What I don't like is how snow on the ground is always short lived.
It's melting like the Witch of the West, and soon I will be confronted with the week.

I dressed for homework not frolicking.  Please, do not panic.  I did frolic, wander aimlessly and contemplate ambushing a friend.  Mama described my comfort clothing as a "visual punch".  I hope it was an amiable, friendly sort of punch.  Or Punch and Judy.  Hurting people with fists is not what I'm about.

Scarf - Grandma.  Knitted with love.
Striped Thermal - Only type there is.  I refuse to accept the existence of non-striped thermal underwear.  They are an abomination to nature.
Cardigan - Kiwiana tourist cardigan.  David Bain in technicolour.  Best $20 I ever spent at an op shop.  This piece of knitwear is my soul mate.
Granny Pants - $4 op shop.  OMNOMNOMNOM on my legs.

11 August 2011

16 dress + trying to be artsy

This has been languishing as a draft for far too long.  Be free!
I bought this dress on my 16th birthday for $4.
It took me a year and half to actually wear it, but I have always loved it dearly.
It makes me think of rose gardens.

10 August 2011

My lip gloss be poppin'.

Something I said in Statistics got convoluted today. 

I believe I read on Hvit that lip gloss is worn to look like female genitals.  This made sense to me.  Makeup is worn to make us more attractive and attractiveness is judged by beauty conventions. Clear skin is beautiful; we wear foundation.  Tan is beautiful; we Thin Lizzie ourselves to Oompa Loompa level.  Dark eyelashes are beautiful; we wear mascara.  Makeup allows us to fill these beauty conventions unnaturally if we can't ourselves.  So why is the oil-slicking of lips regarded as beautiful?

Different people uphold different beauty conventions; Moko's, bound feet and fat bottomed girls.  I don't believe these conventions are inherently bad; but some are limiting.  Bound feet best reflects how conventions of beauty can be harmful.  Intentionally disabling a woman to beautify her is ugly and unrealistic.  Beauty conventions I aspire to when I consume media are unreal.  I will never look like Emma Watson or Selena Gomez.  The attractiveness I feel when I wear makeup is certainly not unreal.  I genuinely feel 'prettier' with stuff on my face.  Is that because glossy lips is beautiful or it's what I believe is beautiful?  Belief is powerful and I'm not discounting the fuzzies we feel after grooming, just questioning their origin.

Makeup does not simply make us more attractive and acceptable to ourselves.  Like an Amazonian mating dance it makes us more agreeable to potential partners.  Not too long ago the only power women possessed was sexual.  Marriage was the ultimate goal; think Jane Austen.  Beauty conventions had to be fulfilled to attract Mr Darcy.  Why would women want to make their lips look like their nether regions?  Men enjoyed women for the children they bore, amazing sandwiches they made and time they spent in the bedroom.  This isn't an academic article but I think it's totally feasible that shiny, red lips became a beauty convention because of what it reminded men of.

Use your imagination to create the innuendos and jokes that my comment in class sparked.  I'm sure girls don't start wearing glitter on their lips for unseemly reasons.  But perhaps when they start buying makeup they should be handed an informational pamphlet on its origins.  Chapstick seems less tempting when you consider the reasons we wear it.

9 August 2011

Read Books, not Magazines.

When I was Justin Bieber age I read a lot.  Hauls from weekly library visits were mingled with Total Girl and Creme magazines.  Thankfully I never made the leap to their older sisters.

These magazines are like cheap chocolate; nom to sickly quickly.  The lip gloss and huggable boys seem rather harmless.  And maybe they are.  But they did  not help shape the person I want to be.  I want to dress up and read literature.  Not doll up and read Facebook.

Now I read Frankie.  It's quite a communal experience.  When I'm done it goes to a friend, my English teacher and my bookshelf to be enjoyed later.  Although I wish I had read something like Frankie when I was twelve, I know I wouldn't have accepted it.  Fluff though it was, it was pretty pygmy puff fluff. 

I have decided to expand my personal library and read more.  I shall see you trolling the second hand book sales.

We need laughs, role models and culture.  Not sex tips.

4 August 2011

You know what's hilarious?

Those Mom blogs. 
You know the ones.  They feature 'What I Wore Wednesday' and 'Funky Feet Friday'.  The banners consist of children with food smushed on their faces.  They are often identified by their liberal use of LOL as a punctuation mark. 

For example:
Today the hunky-hubby and I took little Maximus to the park LOL First wee Max feed the ducks with our favourite brand of gluten-free LOL rice-flour bread LOL  When we got to the playground Maxie was soooo excited LOLLOLLOL  He especially likes to swing with his Daddy LOL I think itLOLs because he pushes him so high LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL  So high in fact he grazed his precious knees when he hopped off LOL good thing I always come prepared with a full first aid kit for times such as this LOL :D

Not judging.  As these ladies are noobs in the way of internet speak and Tumblr, I am noob in the domestic ways of ironing and embroidery.  We can all learn from each other.
Plus oneday I plan to have have a similar blog for my 15 cats.