26 August 2011

Abstinence and Mute Shoes.

Dear Internet,
From hence forth I shall not be frequenting your sites of procrastination.  Until practise exams at least.  I took a vow of abstinence.  Lined refill makes for a binding contract.

I excluded blogging from my paper-oath.  I see it as a semi productive enterprise.  More than Tumblr *shakes fist* anyways.

This time of year is a horrible time in ones last year of school.  Realisations of your credit count, multitudes of internals, practise examinations, legitimate examinations, mocking sunshine and important forms to fill out.  Actual important forms.  About University.  And I thought I had left handwriting woes behind in primary school.  Habitats such as this spawn unhealthy habits.  Which I need to eradicate.  Which I will try to eradicate.

So goodbye my lovers, goodbye my friends.  Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr.  May you prosper without me.

On another, more bodacious note, let me introduce you to some shoes.  I look on this pair with a twisted kind of excitement.  I was partaking in the the 40 Hour Famine at the time.  I had given up talking, was over halfway through, for sponsorship which goes to World Vision.  Not talking is not easy.  Shoes at the Salvation Army were half price.  These ones made me converse.  I didn't even realise.  They are my nemesis.  But I also have mucho appreciation for the paradoxical pair.  I am always unsure if they were worth having to repeat the Famine.



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