9 August 2011

Read Books, not Magazines.

When I was Justin Bieber age I read a lot.  Hauls from weekly library visits were mingled with Total Girl and Creme magazines.  Thankfully I never made the leap to their older sisters.

These magazines are like cheap chocolate; nom to sickly quickly.  The lip gloss and huggable boys seem rather harmless.  And maybe they are.  But they did  not help shape the person I want to be.  I want to dress up and read literature.  Not doll up and read Facebook.

Now I read Frankie.  It's quite a communal experience.  When I'm done it goes to a friend, my English teacher and my bookshelf to be enjoyed later.  Although I wish I had read something like Frankie when I was twelve, I know I wouldn't have accepted it.  Fluff though it was, it was pretty pygmy puff fluff. 

I have decided to expand my personal library and read more.  I shall see you trolling the second hand book sales.

We need laughs, role models and culture.  Not sex tips.


  1. Hear hear! (again)

    (Oh my god I'm posting on your whole blog I'm so sorry! I haven't checked my dashboard thing of people I follow for ages properly so this is catch up right? Heheh... Sorry.)

  2. I adore the way you write. You should start a paper 'zine like Izzy from Hipster Musings. I would buy a copy.


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