15 August 2011

A visual punch.

In an utterly fantastic occurrence, today was a snow day.  I like this type of Monday.
What I don't like is how snow on the ground is always short lived.
It's melting like the Witch of the West, and soon I will be confronted with the week.

I dressed for homework not frolicking.  Please, do not panic.  I did frolic, wander aimlessly and contemplate ambushing a friend.  Mama described my comfort clothing as a "visual punch".  I hope it was an amiable, friendly sort of punch.  Or Punch and Judy.  Hurting people with fists is not what I'm about.

Scarf - Grandma.  Knitted with love.
Striped Thermal - Only type there is.  I refuse to accept the existence of non-striped thermal underwear.  They are an abomination to nature.
Cardigan - Kiwiana tourist cardigan.  David Bain in technicolour.  Best $20 I ever spent at an op shop.  This piece of knitwear is my soul mate.
Granny Pants - $4 op shop.  OMNOMNOMNOM on my legs.


  1. AH! Granny pants, that cardigan. You like you're wearing a hug in clothing form! (Not a punch. I see no punch.)

    But sitting here in shorts and a vest top this seems SO surreal. SNOW day?! Wow. Got to love the world's diversity eh?

    (And I am planning a Doctor Who T-shirt. If it works well I could even make more and maybe post you one! Haha, I'd never be organised enough. But we can dream.)


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