4 August 2011

You know what's hilarious?

Those Mom blogs. 
You know the ones.  They feature 'What I Wore Wednesday' and 'Funky Feet Friday'.  The banners consist of children with food smushed on their faces.  They are often identified by their liberal use of LOL as a punctuation mark. 

For example:
Today the hunky-hubby and I took little Maximus to the park LOL First wee Max feed the ducks with our favourite brand of gluten-free LOL rice-flour bread LOL  When we got to the playground Maxie was soooo excited LOLLOLLOL  He especially likes to swing with his Daddy LOL I think itLOLs because he pushes him so high LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL  So high in fact he grazed his precious knees when he hopped off LOL good thing I always come prepared with a full first aid kit for times such as this LOL :D

Not judging.  As these ladies are noobs in the way of internet speak and Tumblr, I am noob in the domestic ways of ironing and embroidery.  We can all learn from each other.
Plus oneday I plan to have have a similar blog for my 15 cats.


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