20 September 2011

Wanting to write.

Blue merino - Glassons, Lego earrings - Annie Blackberry, Hideous clogs - $5 Rubi shoes, Dress - Mother, Badges - Op Shop
Hello Internet Dearest,
I have been meaning and wanting to write.
I've had practise exams and therefore illicitly read novels.
Before we speak of these, because I enjoy discussing literature, let me tell you about the outfit collage I have included in the metaphorical envelope.

It's simple, but I have an affinity for it.  It is good to actually dress in a style that you have been admiring from afar.  You could call it 'toned-down-school-girl-Harajuku'.  Catchy enough for a Vogue article?  Yes?  
Wearing heels to school was a mental barrier I had to climb.  Quite a feat in ridiculous patent-Quant clogs.
Let me mention the Mexicans partying in my hair.  My Grandmother, who has impeccable taste in tie-die harem pants, brought them from Australia.  Possibly their best export.
I recently joined the Junior Girls Flatworm Society.  Great Fun Sometimes?  Gigantic Frilly Strumpets?  Dost thou know'th the meaning of it?

Now to books.  Before exams I re-familiarised myself with The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  Goodness I love these books.  Collins is no Tolkien but she writes a story that leaves little time for eating and going to the toilet.  These books are good inroads into other Dystopian literature.  The Capitol reminds me of Brave New World.  The movie will be fun.  As long as Hollywood focuses on the ideas, and how they are realities, more than the romance.  I finished my second reading of Paper Towns five hours ago.  I could blather about Mr. John Green indefinitely.  So let me summarise my soliloquies.  This book is the reason for the subject of English.  Like rotisserie pigs students are stuffed with the apples of learning.  Themes and ideas in novels seem meaningless when one is overfed.  The joy in reading is when you independently analyse and connect with a text.  Paper Towns resonates.  Like Margo, I try hard to create a indie, literature loving reflection instead of a window.  The pleasure of leaving and frustration of the final months of high school is my life right now.  More catfish and poetry.  Less study.  As well as provoking thoughts, it provokes laughter.  This is my recommendation, please accept it.

Love Ella


  1. Hey ! you won a copy of the Bond street bridge CD so email me your address to send out.


  2. Love your blog! Just sayin! Keep it coming. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Digging this outfit very much. Those clogs... actually give me heart palpatations. Is it wrong to love something so very yellow?

  4. I love all the little details in your otfit, The ribbon, the badges, the little dancing Mexicans, the lego block, everything. It's like a little dance party initiated by awesome yellow shoes.

    Paper Town IS a reall good book. I completely fell in love with John Green's way of writing after I read it. Are you planning on reading The Fault In Our Stars?

  5. I love this too. all the little details. I don't know the books you tell us about they look neat. besides I love reading poetry too.

  6. Good gawd, I've been off blogger for a while. HOW DID I MISS THIS? I'm crying with the sheer brilliance of this outfit. The pin, the ribbon, the hair thing, THE SHOES. The shoes are amazing. :'D
    Sorry for the over-enthusiasm. The sad thing is it is genuine.


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