11 October 2011

In which my Mama proves herself a troll on Facebook.

Many thanks to Cat for letting me use her photo.  I cropped out my friend because it would be creepy to post pictures of her on my blog.  Not because I don't think she is rad.

Mum:  Ella, that blouse was not worth the $1 you paid for it.
Me:  Haters gon hate.
Mum:  There is a reason that somebody ditched it
Me:  I'm cut.
Mum: I've had a closer look and think that the feature I dislike most is the double row of 
white plastic buttons. On a positive note, gold buttons would be worse, or is that better?.
Mum:  Did you get your sense of style from your mother?
Friend:  pwnd
Me:  My Mama is a  troll.
Mum:  Perhaps she is modelling her personality off a LOTR character
Friend:  she be trollin' 


  1. OMG best convo ever. I have those with my Mum too. Like- plastic buttons- eurgh! All the time! :D
    Love the pic too. It's funny. What where you doing though?!

  2. haha

    and in reply to your comment, my gin&tonic print can be found on felt or etsy, the seller is dear colleen


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