8 December 2011

Bedroom Adornments. Op Shop Crawl HELP.

As creepy as it sounds I always ask to see people's bedroom when I visit their place of residence.  What someone adorns their personal space with is a weird insight into their mind.  It's always excellent to know people better.  The following are snippets of my room.  Please share yours.

I imagine the picture on the top left is the view from Lennie and George's farm.   It's actually a  British landscape.   In my head, at least, the dream of the rabbits lives on.  

Photographs.  Aren't I artistic?

Op Shop art.  Pensive velvet-suited children are the best.

Sarah Larnach's album art for Liam Finn and Ladyhawke.  Watercolours, kittens and beards.  Oh My.

50c from Butterflies Hospice Op Shop.  I call it 'Romanian Dancing Girls'.  Take note of Emerald City in the background.

Engineered Valentine.  Organisation of such things diminishes any romance.

By Rachel Hirabayashi

Queen Liz blackboard which gives me inspiration. 

The Monkey.   

My Grandmother's HOMEMADE SPAGHETTI.  Which I can unreservedly say to be the best sustenance.  Ever.

Op Shop kitten.  I legitimately used it as motivation to study.   

Groovy old sheets and card from artistic, zany cousin.

Dear blog readers, I am in need of assistance.
My totally awesome best friend is organising an Op Shop Crawl.
An OSC works on the same principle as a Pub Crawl.  Except with second hand stores and cooler people.
To maximise the epic fun times their will be rules during the Crawl.
Existing guidelines include:
  • Soundtrack for the crawl must be from an op shop.  Extra points for a musician with a perm.
  • The participants in the Crawl must begin the day with t-shirt and shorts.  They must end the day with fabulous and hipster attire.  
  • The 'Your Pants' game must be played in the literature section of each Op Shop visited in the Crawl.  The game consists of adding 'your pants' to the end of a book title.  This makes the title instantly more humorous.  For example: 'A River Ran out of Eden - in Your Pants'.
Your bodacious, creative and inspired contributions to the rules would be most welcome.


  1. your room looks really cool - is that the tardis in the picture of blue and yellow which reminds me of van Gogh?? Rules for opshop crawl....are you going to have a limit on $$?? Nana Mouskouri (sp??) or Celine Dion could be suitable soundtracks, if they have ever had perms of course. Readers Digest Condensed books may make the literature rule very interesting. Sounds like fun!

  2. Oooo,op shop crawl?!YOWZA!!!
    Hmmmm,take booze and everytime you hear Mull of Kintyre in an oppy,skull!Op shopping under the influence is a fave pastime of mine.
    Participants must buy 1 pair of sunnies in each oppy, and take pix wearing all at once at the end of the day??
    Love your Queen Liz chalkboard,and yes,you are artistic!x

  3. Minimalism is over-rated. I like your sense of 'eclectricity'.

    And ahhh sorry I need to calm right down... But seriously op-shop crawl? That is the most awesome thing I've EVER heard of, ever. I like the pants came. The Great Gatsby is in your pants. ;) AHAHAHA! (It's even better in UK English. ;))

    That brings me onto replying to your comment on my 1920s do-da. Thank you! :D:D:D I thought we were already friends- crazy whovians with a passion for second hand stuffs and literature? :D Perfect. :D (Must stop posting this face- :D)

    :D:D:D (darn)

  5. So cool! Especially love the George and Lennie picture :') Just one very stupid question...what is an op shop? Is it like a charity shop?
    Whatever it is, sounds much more fun (and less alcoholic) than a pub crawl!

  6. woah how long has that spagetti been there? haha but anyway.. snazzy looking room you have there :)


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