2 December 2011

Collective Post. There will be subtitles.

I had plans for an analytical political round up.  An angsty tantrum foiled such plans.  Debating and discussing the  opinions you have spent time forming is something to thrive on.  This blog doesn't seem the best forum for such debates.  It also takes a lot of effort to intelligently write on important matters.  A National government was expected.  I am not a member of the John Key fan club.  He is not a leader that promotes compromise.  Congratulations must go to the Greens.  Let's hope for positive, tangible change from them. 

Today is my final day of being 17.  Last year I regrettably missed the opportunity to obsessively sing '16 going on 17'.   The 2nd of December will not go to waste; I intend to spend it with Stevie Nicks 'On the Edge of Seventeen'.  Are your irony sensors singing?  I am the eligible age to vote exactly a week after the General Election.  Blarghf.

Second Hand Gems.
A spontaneous holiday to Dunedin heralded a jackpot.  The op shops were kind.  I will show ze clothing when I wear it.

Mother dear spotted these on the way out of Re-Store.  $10

Someone said 60's bowling bags.  I'm in a glass case of emotions.
Published in 1938.

I only purchased this to look at.  I wonder if it is disrespectful to all the learning books offer.   

This movie.  An action film shot like art house.  Dialogue, fake blood and music (listen) were used sparingly and precisely.  The hands did cover the face during the violence BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.  Shots of the driving were such a pleasure to watch.  I even liked the tacky font used.  Also, Ryan Gosling.  I command ye to watch'th it.

Finished reading 'Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat who Touched the World'.  I have no issue with gratuitous talk of kitties so I found it enjoyable.  And Mr John Green read out the second chapter of TFIOS.  Have I mentioned 'The Fault in Our Stars'?  TheFaultinOurStarsTheFaultinOurStarsTheFaultinOurStars.  7-21 business days after January the 10th baby. 

Summer reading brings happiness.

Previous post clarification.
Let me translate.  Blue hair does not mean Ramona Flowers.  It means the tips will be semi-permanently blue.  I apologise for the lack of bad assery.  The eating of stone fruit is far less philosophical than it sounds.  Apricots, nectarines, peaches and cherries are abundant in my corner of the universe.  Though I suppose to 'eat stone fruit' could also be interpreted as expanding ones mind through the consumption of difficult and hard to understand stone-like ideas.  Yeaahh.

Surprise Study Break.
This is what a friend did for me.  No words.


  1. I'm so excited to see the blue hair! And those books look very intellectual- I normally start out with Pride and Prejudice at the beginning of summer but immediately give up and read trashy magazines instead :)
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Loved reading this post as there are little snippets of information about you! Blue tips to hair - sounds fab. Its a colour I have not used or dared to use. Penguin books are cool. Glad you found ReStore ;-)

  3. Happy happy birthday sweet-pea!!! May your day be filled with happiness and love!!!!!
    Love the vinyl bags.

  4. How fab are those matching bags?!....now that was a great op shop find. Absolutely fabulous!!!

  5. Let's talk about the election. The whole thing made me super depressed, especially the stat that 1 million people didn't vote. I bet most were in the 18-25 demographic. People my age suck. This is only the second time I've been eligible to vote and I was so excited both times to exercise my democratic right. Maybe I'm just weird. Actually, the Greens didn't make me depressed. They made me momentarily happy. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Those bowling bags are amazing.

  6. Hey I want to see a blue hair post please!

    Yes election as disappointing as expected - apart from the green machine. I fear for the state of this country in the next 3 years. It's spooky.

    Great bags and Happy Bday!

  7. Oh my goodness we have the same books :O You're a fellow Kiwi hey?
    I love your bowling bags, they're super duper. Ha I used to have a green one, until the evening my sister's cat 'howard' decided to make himself feel very much at home...


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