14 December 2011

Hobbit Countdowns.

Today marks one year till The Hobbit's release.  Don't have the luxury of growing a beard and being a miscellaneous dwarf to the premiere?  Never fear!  I have prepared some costumes to celebrate the coming of Bilbo.

Dressing as Gollum is super fun.  Tape half-cooked spaghetti to a vaguely beige head covering.  Then precede to creep around looking disaffected.  I have chosen to carry a fish related product for extra shire-cred.

Smaug's treasure is under appreciated in the world of Middle Earth.  This costume is all about empathy.  Imagine the embarrassment of being upstaged by a scrawny ring!  Tape silverware, jewellery and things which shine to body.  To convince yourself of intrinsic and narrative worth mutter the motivation adage; I AM preccioouuuusssss.  The Oscar I am holding was actually won by the LOTR crew a few years back.  Every New Zealander got one.

365 days till second breakfast!  Mucho excitement.


  1. Fark,brillant!!!bahaha!
    Gawd,my G is peeing his pants over The Hobbit.If I have to hear one more time how much better it is than LOTR I WILL thrash him to within an inch of his life.
    But I am also excited!Squee!I hadn't spared a thought of what I could dress up as....hmmm...

  2. and the Oscar for best use of food products in a fantasy film ....goes to.....Owl in a lark world!!

  3. Tee hee you made me smile, Percious!!!! Second breakfast tinned fish?????V

  4. The Hobbit! Martin Freeman as Bilbo! Woo, I'm looking forward to that too. I love your can of fish related stuff. I 'got' that immediately. :D

    I don't think being friends on the book of faces would be too creepy... I'd rather not post my facebookery name here however, so how shall we proceed? (Also you would have to put up with me moaning about school, that is mostly what the book of faces is for.)

  5. You are seriously brilliant..he he


  6. Your blog is so funny (why have I not followed before!?) btw i sewed the trim onto my collar.

  7. "The Oscar I am holding was actually won by the LOTR crew a few years back. Every New Zealander got one."


    your gollum face is spot on.

  8. Haha i dig C3PO there

  9. i've decided you are hilarious in everyway possible. we should have an internet lord of the rings party because gawd dammmnittt gollum is great and so are all of the other hobbitses.

  10. As long as you do "oufit Posts" of you as Gollum,I will love you forever!Tshirt & shorst if you must,but GOLLUM STYLE!!!X


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