27 December 2012

After mopping the fruit shed floor

I wonder how much of life
is pushing round piles of dirt
for them to blow back.

22 October 2012

End of the Tether.

It's the end of the tether.
I am super tired, a tad stressed and homesick.
Only one week and three exams to go.
I'm sure I'll miss Uni once summer starts,
till then here is my cat Jervis.

17 October 2012

5 September 2012

The sun does you good.

Spring is making me feel alive.  Only two more months of hard work then summer.
The University world is grand, but the promise of sunshine is calling.
Have a daffodilly day chickpeas.
My Grandparents have a salubrious spring garden.  

31 August 2012


Home is cathartic.  It's a known scene.  Familiar characters and structures and props.  Spring is opening up.
Cats are especially nice.

Blurry pictures are nature's instagram.

9 August 2012

Emma Makes.

Never delete emails my friends.  Sometimes they are not spam but wonderful handmade things.  That you won.  Not spam.  True story.

I won a giveaway from the bodacious Emma Makes.  I have been salivating over her Roman Sandal notebooks for years, and gave Mama things from her Felt shop for Christmas.  Needless to say, I am still feeling thrilled and incredulous about winning such a whimsical haul.

Thank you Emma.  This was so lovely and I shall cherish these things.  The ethos of home made and entrepreneurship should be supported.  What you're doing is great.

Such beautiful wrapping.  The box was also amazing.  But you know, shouldn't put addresses on internet.

Action shot!  Look, I'm excited!

Can't wait to fill these notebooks with scribblings. 

I've been handing these P&P pencils out to my Austen loving friends.  Everyone needs more Lizzie Bennet in their lives.

Any name ideas for this cosy kitty?  It will be a flat mascot next year.

Can't help feeling colonial and kitsch with this babe of a bag.

18 July 2012

Temuka story.

Mum has this thing for brown Temuka pottery.  Today Butterflies (op shop, not insect) presented me with a gorgeous $2 Temuka milk jug.  At first it was going to be gifted to mother, but I really like it.  Unsure why I need a milk jug.  Also unsure if it is normal and healthy to form an attachment to said milk jug so hastily.  Perhaps am being promiscuous with affection to crockery.  But guys, I do rather like this milk jug.  Sorry Mum.  

Whilst in Butterflies I bumped into Penny Rose on her daily op shop jaunt.  It is lovely to know someone as more than an internet construct.  I fell upon Polkadots and Spinning Tops through wistful Googling of Dunedin Op Shop reviews.  Cannot underestimate how keen I was to be a hip student.  Now I casually bump into the author of said blog on op shop missions as a student.  What pleasant circles life operates in.

17 July 2012

Triumvirate Dress 1.

Whilst typing this I clutch a wheatbag to my stomach and internally debate if chocolate will make the pain go away.  I have decided Black Forest should not be a reward for the ability to reproduce.

The sun banished tights today.  Baring hairy pins and oxfords that tap dance makes one feel empowered.

The featured dress is a bit of a dream.  Was found at Overflow in Mayfield, which YOU ALL MUST GO TO.  Whoever sewed this must have had me in mind.  Particularly the tapestry fabric (useful camouflage for castles) and A line.  When one doesn't sew A lines are rare beasts.  

This babe of a garment is one of my triumvirate of vintage dresses; one of those rare and glorious finds.  Resolution: wear it more.   

$15 from Overflow.  Oxfords from Frames in Dunedin.  Socks retail.  Yawn.
Also, I have less hair.

I'm a believer in posting real photos of yourself.  I always model Don't Forget to Be Awesome posters like this.  Fashion blogging needs less DLSR and more double chin.

Thanks be to Lochiel for photographing.  She was sewing capes.  Let us bask in her foresight for bringing a sewing machine to university.  Here she models her fine work and Maureen Johnsone Stares readers of this blog.

16 July 2012


I have become a bored with blogging.
Perhaps I have become less interested in how I look, University brings a general sloppiness, or simply less interested in documenting it.  

The arrival of ON from the eloquent HblogsF gave a welcome jolt.
Aside from the content (which was zine-y and friendly and bubbling with audacity) it was uplifting to see people creating.  Just creating and enjoying.  

Let me spark my creativity by promising to post every day this week.  If not, I shall endure ideal by fire or something.  

Chur H, for empowering.
ON, and $4 blouse.  Dat collar.

19 June 2012

Dusty blog.

Oh dear.  This blog has been neglected.  Sad.
Tomorrow is the last day of semester 1 exams.  And I have both of my exams.  Brutal.
I may come back and dust this corner of the internet.  Hopeful.

27 May 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different.

I have a recollection of what it was like to have a fashion blog.  About second hand clothes.  What it was like to be a bit of a hipster.
Perhaps I am coming out of a coma?
Let me throw bodacious pieces of my collection at you to distract from the lack of cohesion in the post.

Mother's bowling shoes.  the best, the BEST.  Inspiration for me to keep all of my clothes for future children/cats.

Grand ol hippy shawl from retro shop in Oamaru's Historic Precedent.  
Should I promise some proper outfitty posts sometime?  Naah.

22 May 2012

Desert Island Books

Ok.  This page is dusty.  And I haven't been properly contributing to our little corner of the internet.  I won't apologise, because I am the dictator of this blog.  But I will start commenting and being a positive citizen again.


English reading and upcoming 24 hour book sale is fuelling  my perpetual book obsession.  This tag via kayleyreads looked spiffing.  Theoretical debate on what to bring to a desert island.  No survival books allowed.  There is only room for sentimentality on this life raft.
A book you have read & would like to re-read.
One of the John Green Triumvirate.  Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska or The Fault in Our Stars.  I'd glue the covers together to form one glorious volume.  Doubt I could decide.

A book you have never read & would like to read.Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Or Grapes of Wrath.  Actually probably LOTR.  To satisfy need for fiction and history.

A childhood book.Anne of Green Gables.  No question.

A series.The Chronicles of Narnia.  Can't think of any series I really care about enough to want to take.  Wish I was less generic with these choices.  Maybe I should just take multiple copies of Dancing with Cats.  I hope there are cats on this island.

Random choice!
Something satisfying and uninspired like Complete Works of Shakespeare.

Am interested in what words others would wish to take.  Maybe we could be stranded on the same island and form a library.

16 April 2012

Let me recommend you.

I don't whore things on my blog.  So please realise that when I share this I do so because I want it to continue, not to be annoying.

Oh please let this series have web virility.  Good stories should be retold.

P.S On the sad poetry.  University is a privilege, and I am rather enjoying myself.  The outpouring my most poetical soul was caused by leaving home after Easter break earlier than expected.  Also having two essays too many due on one day.  They are both complete and I am not feeling the Muse so much now.  All is well.

14 April 2012

i was told to blog more. so i spam you with poetry.

Leaving home after too short a time feels like
a little hollow space
expanding in gut.

Cat purring, quilted bed,
soup, family jest
not available in new independent life.

Stress magnifies sadness.

I need a cup of tea.

29 February 2012

First Day.

An outfit post!  What is this witchery?  Time to get back into the swing of blog things.  And study things.  Urgh study.  Lectures are daunting.  They whiz through so quickly.  Sorry Professor, what was that insightful thing you just said? Could you please repeat?  Or at least leave slides up long enough for us to copy them down.  I expect I'll feel overwhelmed and ridiculous for this semester.  Or the rest of my life.  Hyperboles always make me feel better.

Attended a meeting for Debating (or was it Drinking?) Society yesterday.  After short announcement everyone was invited back to a flat for cheeky Tuesday night shindig.  Let's acknowledge that it was a TUESDAY night.  Woohoooo?  I attended said Tuesday flat party, for 15 minutes.  More to be able to say I attended than actually wanting to socialise on a Tuesday night.  Seriously Tuesday?  

Not trying to be artistic, insanely difficult to take full length outfit photo.

As worn on first day of lectures:
Shirt - Random retro shop in Otaki
Mullet Dress - Jay Jays $15.  Never call these 'asymmetrical' or 'waterfall'.  No point beautifying a mullet.
Scarf - Yaks n Yetis
Earrings - Kismet.  Resin and Kimono fabric.  Apologies for lack of link.  They're pretty underground
Polish - ~Justin Beiber~ for OPI <3 xoxoxo gg ;P

Whilst blogging I recieved text saying "Learn more! Revise!".  I will attempt.  :/

19 February 2012

Going Well to the Great Perhaps.

Tonight I come to you as a bona fide University Student.  Let's just take a moment to appreciate this.  It's been misimagined, stressed over, longed for and dreamed about since I first heard parental mythologies of student days.  The chapter where Anne goes to Queens was bookmarked for reference halfway through last year.  And now here I sit, in a knitted poncho, in a Hall of Residence, in New Zealand's oldest University.  

Although bursts of emotions have preceded University I don't feel particularly momentous or sentimental.  Moving in didn't feel profound; it just happened.  Experience has not been sullied by expectation but I feel the build up to this amazing thing has been an occasion in itself.  Urgh that sounds disgustingly try-hard-philosophyish.  Apologies.  

Meeting new people is pretty wonderful.  We must savour the awkwardness for soon it shall pass and we will know each other far too well.  The social need to be extrovert and exhibitionist to fill the holes of not knowing anyone is tiring.  Having a solitary, not-lonely moment in room (Although am very glad of art from home and John Green books to keep me company).  The clothes on floor feel like me.  The scratchy dust cover on bed does not.*  Wagon Wheel on repeat is comforting.  Not by weeping, but in a slightly unfamiliar disconcerting way, do I feel homesick.**  It doesn't sound like home.***  But I type that and look at the photo of my Grandparents and any frown is flipped.  It was time to go and it is good.

Dad wrote me to "Go Well" in my University adventures.  Deserve Success.  Do hard things.  Looking for Alaska**** starts of with the seeking of something radically other: "'I go to seek a Great Perhaps.' That's why I'm going.  So I don't have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps."  The Great Perhaps is upon me.  Time to fulfil a wanderlust with learning, new friends and frolicking.  

My room is HUGE.  Instead of the Cupboard Under the Stairs I found Narnia when I opened the door.  

*Mother Dearest, could I please be sent my duvet and tri-pillow with the next car coming my way?  And A3 paper, green wool coat and the small brown bag with long strap?  It is hanging in the left side of my wardrobe.  Thank you very much.
**This song is the sole reason for pleasing English marks.  Bluegrass calms a girl down.
***Dave, I miss your singing.
****I am unironically enthusiastic about John Green's authorship.

21 January 2012

In the same way I am told to be gentle on my teeth when brushing I was told to blog by my Mother.  There is no need to apologise for my lack of presence on the site.  It is summer and existence is simple.  Work takes up most of the time.  The rest is filled with family, soul completing time with kindred spirits and reading.  Sleep deprivation is a fine balance.  I am enjoying the break from school work and from blogging.  

A lunch time lake swim.  Blissful experience.  

Summer time was kicked off with the Op Shop Crawl.  Road tripping with a best friend seems a teenage rite of passage.  It was a memorable day, not so much for the op shopping, but for the solid friendship, delicious pork buns, navigational errors of losing Lawrence, picking up English-name-Deb hitch hiker and loud raucous singing in car.

View from road trip.  

With the goal of expanding knowledge and enjoyment I have challenged myself to read 50 books this year.  Words is how I connect to my world.  My fingers tingle when I pick up a book.  Does anyone else have a reading goal?  I've joined Goodreads.  Please, PLEASE add me.  I would dearly love to see all of your favourite books.

University is looming.  I am on the tip of this much anticipated thing.  Student loan forms which I cannot ignore are sitting on desk.  It is terrifying and exciting.  This will probably be all I blog about in the coming weeks.  

Looking forward to another groovy year of Owlinalarkworld,
Stay Classy.