21 January 2012

In the same way I am told to be gentle on my teeth when brushing I was told to blog by my Mother.  There is no need to apologise for my lack of presence on the site.  It is summer and existence is simple.  Work takes up most of the time.  The rest is filled with family, soul completing time with kindred spirits and reading.  Sleep deprivation is a fine balance.  I am enjoying the break from school work and from blogging.  

A lunch time lake swim.  Blissful experience.  

Summer time was kicked off with the Op Shop Crawl.  Road tripping with a best friend seems a teenage rite of passage.  It was a memorable day, not so much for the op shopping, but for the solid friendship, delicious pork buns, navigational errors of losing Lawrence, picking up English-name-Deb hitch hiker and loud raucous singing in car.

View from road trip.  

With the goal of expanding knowledge and enjoyment I have challenged myself to read 50 books this year.  Words is how I connect to my world.  My fingers tingle when I pick up a book.  Does anyone else have a reading goal?  I've joined Goodreads.  Please, PLEASE add me.  I would dearly love to see all of your favourite books.

University is looming.  I am on the tip of this much anticipated thing.  Student loan forms which I cannot ignore are sitting on desk.  It is terrifying and exciting.  This will probably be all I blog about in the coming weeks.  

Looking forward to another groovy year of Owlinalarkworld,
Stay Classy.


  1. So glad to see you back blogging briefly! I'm a wee bit envious at your op shop road trip. I love that little town Lawrence. When we were there last August it was blanketed in snow. All the best for your plans for the coming year! Xx

  2. Fabulous a road trip and op-shopping!!!!My favorite things.
    Lawrence is the most wonderful place.
    Happy happy new year.
    Love V

  3. I'm doing the 50 Book Challenge as well for the second year running, though I have not yet joined Goodreads. I just keep track of them on a separate page of my blog. Good luck! Also, I am insanely envious of your road trip. It sounds glorious. (:

  4. I too am looking forward to another groovy year with Owlinalarkworld blogs. Please consider posting more DIY Hobbit costumes e.g. generic dwarf or Gandalf although I am realistic enough to know that nothing with happen until you finish reading "The Fault in our Stars".

  5. Argh Uni! Good luck! I'll be doing the same in 6 months!

    Your scenery is beautiful... It looks edible it's so stunning. Okay, maybe that says something about me that I compare good things to food, but still. Plus Op Shop crawl- AWESOMENESS.

    I'll have a poke at the book site, I don't know it. I'll be doing a crazy amount of reading too though, English lit student to be here. ;) (Have you read 'The Fault in our stars' yet? I CRIED. I bet you have. You're a John Green kinda person.)

    1. I have been thinking about this lovely comment for many days.
      Ooohh English Lit. That sounds the best thing. In the world. I'm doing a bit of English for my degree. Cannot wait.
      I am SUCH A JOHN GREEN PERSON. Pinky promise to blog about tfios okay?

      Accept me as friendy, pretty please? ;)

      Yessss, didn't see this reply for ages but yes I will do a book post sooooon. Definitely. :D TFIOS will be there!


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