16 April 2012

Let me recommend you.

I don't whore things on my blog.  So please realise that when I share this I do so because I want it to continue, not to be annoying.

Oh please let this series have web virility.  Good stories should be retold.

P.S On the sad poetry.  University is a privilege, and I am rather enjoying myself.  The outpouring my most poetical soul was caused by leaving home after Easter break earlier than expected.  Also having two essays too many due on one day.  They are both complete and I am not feeling the Muse so much now.  All is well.

14 April 2012

i was told to blog more. so i spam you with poetry.

Leaving home after too short a time feels like
a little hollow space
expanding in gut.

Cat purring, quilted bed,
soup, family jest
not available in new independent life.

Stress magnifies sadness.

I need a cup of tea.