27 May 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different.

I have a recollection of what it was like to have a fashion blog.  About second hand clothes.  What it was like to be a bit of a hipster.
Perhaps I am coming out of a coma?
Let me throw bodacious pieces of my collection at you to distract from the lack of cohesion in the post.

Mother's bowling shoes.  the best, the BEST.  Inspiration for me to keep all of my clothes for future children/cats.

Grand ol hippy shawl from retro shop in Oamaru's Historic Precedent.  
Should I promise some proper outfitty posts sometime?  Naah.

22 May 2012

Desert Island Books

Ok.  This page is dusty.  And I haven't been properly contributing to our little corner of the internet.  I won't apologise, because I am the dictator of this blog.  But I will start commenting and being a positive citizen again.


English reading and upcoming 24 hour book sale is fuelling  my perpetual book obsession.  This tag via kayleyreads looked spiffing.  Theoretical debate on what to bring to a desert island.  No survival books allowed.  There is only room for sentimentality on this life raft.
A book you have read & would like to re-read.
One of the John Green Triumvirate.  Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska or The Fault in Our Stars.  I'd glue the covers together to form one glorious volume.  Doubt I could decide.

A book you have never read & would like to read.Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Or Grapes of Wrath.  Actually probably LOTR.  To satisfy need for fiction and history.

A childhood book.Anne of Green Gables.  No question.

A series.The Chronicles of Narnia.  Can't think of any series I really care about enough to want to take.  Wish I was less generic with these choices.  Maybe I should just take multiple copies of Dancing with Cats.  I hope there are cats on this island.

Random choice!
Something satisfying and uninspired like Complete Works of Shakespeare.

Am interested in what words others would wish to take.  Maybe we could be stranded on the same island and form a library.