27 May 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different.

I have a recollection of what it was like to have a fashion blog.  About second hand clothes.  What it was like to be a bit of a hipster.
Perhaps I am coming out of a coma?
Let me throw bodacious pieces of my collection at you to distract from the lack of cohesion in the post.

Mother's bowling shoes.  the best, the BEST.  Inspiration for me to keep all of my clothes for future children/cats.

Grand ol hippy shawl from retro shop in Oamaru's Historic Precedent.  
Should I promise some proper outfitty posts sometime?  Naah.


  1. Those bowling shoes are the best. That shawl makes me want to learn crochet. I think that's crochet anyway. Your future cats will look wonderful wrapped up in it.

  2. HIPPIE SHAWL! amazing! I agree with you, the few things my mum kept I love, she has some really nice boots too that I cant wear, damn my big feet. I'm totally kepping the good stuff I own for my possible future kids/myself!

  3. Your mums bowling shoes look amazing!!


    Yeah my Ma always tells me about awesome stuff she used to have when she was my age, "Scandinavian green and white jumper, velvet blazer, silk skirt, duffel coat..." But it all went. SO HOARD ALL THE THINGS.


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