18 July 2012

Temuka story.

Mum has this thing for brown Temuka pottery.  Today Butterflies (op shop, not insect) presented me with a gorgeous $2 Temuka milk jug.  At first it was going to be gifted to mother, but I really like it.  Unsure why I need a milk jug.  Also unsure if it is normal and healthy to form an attachment to said milk jug so hastily.  Perhaps am being promiscuous with affection to crockery.  But guys, I do rather like this milk jug.  Sorry Mum.  

Whilst in Butterflies I bumped into Penny Rose on her daily op shop jaunt.  It is lovely to know someone as more than an internet construct.  I fell upon Polkadots and Spinning Tops through wistful Googling of Dunedin Op Shop reviews.  Cannot underestimate how keen I was to be a hip student.  Now I casually bump into the author of said blog on op shop missions as a student.  What pleasant circles life operates in.

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  1. Hello, it was cool to catch up at Butterflies yesterday. So, you have formed a strong attachment to the Temuka jug. Perhaps you could use it as a pen holder on your desk? or put flowers in it? Thank you for the link - you brought a big smile to my dial.


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