17 July 2012

Triumvirate Dress 1.

Whilst typing this I clutch a wheatbag to my stomach and internally debate if chocolate will make the pain go away.  I have decided Black Forest should not be a reward for the ability to reproduce.

The sun banished tights today.  Baring hairy pins and oxfords that tap dance makes one feel empowered.

The featured dress is a bit of a dream.  Was found at Overflow in Mayfield, which YOU ALL MUST GO TO.  Whoever sewed this must have had me in mind.  Particularly the tapestry fabric (useful camouflage for castles) and A line.  When one doesn't sew A lines are rare beasts.  

This babe of a garment is one of my triumvirate of vintage dresses; one of those rare and glorious finds.  Resolution: wear it more.   

$15 from Overflow.  Oxfords from Frames in Dunedin.  Socks retail.  Yawn.
Also, I have less hair.

I'm a believer in posting real photos of yourself.  I always model Don't Forget to Be Awesome posters like this.  Fashion blogging needs less DLSR and more double chin.

Thanks be to Lochiel for photographing.  She was sewing capes.  Let us bask in her foresight for bringing a sewing machine to university.  Here she models her fine work and Maureen Johnsone Stares readers of this blog.


  1. Awesome frock!! I agree more double chins on blogs. xx

  2. Oh the dress is perfect on you. Overflow is amazing, yes it is a must go!!!!!
    Love v

  3. The dress is fab - the colour, collar and buttons!! Sorry to be so dumb but is Mayfield in Canterbury? and why would the tapestry fabric be good for castles? and lastly what is DLSR?

  4. I frigging love this frock!
    And I recommend BOOZE over chocolate to dull the pain of the ability to reproduce! XXX

  5. I love this frock...it looks so good on you. We have been debating whether to go to Methven & Overflow on our trip to NZ in August or to Oamaru. I'm thinking there may be more vintage to see in Oamaru? But I would love to visit Overflow too!!!

  6. "Fashion blogging needs less DLSR and more double chin."

    IT DOES I am going to do this next post I will I will I will. If only I had your poster! :D ksjdhaskd

    I must stop key smashing it is not eloquent or endearing.

    DRESS is perfect and CHOCOLATE cures all. (Or all that tea can't)


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