31 August 2012


Home is cathartic.  It's a known scene.  Familiar characters and structures and props.  Spring is opening up.
Cats are especially nice.

Blurry pictures are nature's instagram.

9 August 2012

Emma Makes.

Never delete emails my friends.  Sometimes they are not spam but wonderful handmade things.  That you won.  Not spam.  True story.

I won a giveaway from the bodacious Emma Makes.  I have been salivating over her Roman Sandal notebooks for years, and gave Mama things from her Felt shop for Christmas.  Needless to say, I am still feeling thrilled and incredulous about winning such a whimsical haul.

Thank you Emma.  This was so lovely and I shall cherish these things.  The ethos of home made and entrepreneurship should be supported.  What you're doing is great.

Such beautiful wrapping.  The box was also amazing.  But you know, shouldn't put addresses on internet.

Action shot!  Look, I'm excited!

Can't wait to fill these notebooks with scribblings. 

I've been handing these P&P pencils out to my Austen loving friends.  Everyone needs more Lizzie Bennet in their lives.

Any name ideas for this cosy kitty?  It will be a flat mascot next year.

Can't help feeling colonial and kitsch with this babe of a bag.