4 April 2013

Get a Perm. Okay.

My brother has been calling me Sigourney.   Because I now look like every 1980s actress that ever existed.
Finally I have the mad mane of my dreams.

Recently I caught up with Lucy of Polkadots and Spinning Tops.  What a treat.  Op Shop bloggers are a special breed; ingenious and creative in how they dress.  It was encouraging to talk about sustainable dressing.  We took a trip to Dunedin's decent second hand shops.  Unlike George St, Princess St is not clogged by students looking for drinking costumes.  Instead you are free to hunt, breathing in the musty smell of promise.  Toffs $2 section did not disappoint.  Perfect dress (apart from the holes. unimportant).  Pastel, pleated and floral.  Watershed Thrift Moment.

You've met my babies.  Everybody loves Dr Martens.
All I know about perms is not to get them wet.  Thank you Legally Blonde.  Problem is, I really want to shower.  The flat has non existent water pressure.  I had planned to capitalise on the plumbing while I was home for mid-semester.  Such a sacrifice.

The day before.
BOOM.  Perm.

So many selfies.  Sorry not sorry.

Get a Perm

23 March 2013

An aesthetically pleasing Saturday.

Today everything was outrageously aesthetically pleasing.
My sheets were given to me by a lovely neighbour.  And my book looked good against them.  Though Penguin Classics always look good.  They are sexy,stud-muffin paperbacks.  The yellow sheet was op-shopped this week.
Mhmm.  Old Floral.
Today was unreasonably sunny for Autumn in Dunedin.  The flat feasted on fresh home-made bread.  Heaven.
I made use of this picnic set/suitcase.  Thanks Mum!
Weekends are best.

11 March 2013

Fashun blogger.

This used to be an outfit blog. And wasn't that fun?  Let's try that again.
Lochiel and I went to a graveyard and she played around with filters.

Everything is retail and therefore boring.
Except for my shoe-babies.  Mhmmm Dr Martens.
The brooch migrated from Mother.
Earrings - Kimono fabric in resin.  Made by Dunedin crafty people, Kismet.
Hairtie - From Natalie.  Who should blog more.

7 February 2013

I could nose ring?

 New haircut, new mascara and old sleeper shoved up nose.  My whimsical friend asked if we could get nose piercings together.  The temptation is great (earrings in nostrils aren't very punk).  Hmm.  Something to think about.
Hat - Frutti, Cuba St, Wellington.
Hats are hard to wear.  Can't help feeling over done.  Must fight this feeling.
Necklace - Earth Elements
Marie makes memorable fused glass and wire art.
I wear the necklace everyday, carry some home with me and wish all my jewellery was handmade with as much love as this.
Watercolour and illustration themed wall.
Nothing is more interesting than the posters on people's wall.
It's a personal, unpretentious art gallery.

Linking to my flatmate's jolly rant on muesli politics

6 January 2013

2013, Come at me Bro

While 2012 may not have been a good year for my blog (my sincerest apologies for the obscure and mopey posts) it was kind to me.  University is a vibrant place.  I am thankful for the study and new friends.  The person who didn’t fit well at high school has found a place.* 

Yet, the year has left me so damn uncreative.
As if all of my vital organs are flopping about in a colander, my essence drained.
This year I wish to avoid – work all day, endless scroll of dim images on internet, sleep, repeat –  and retain some of ‘myself’.
Hopefully I can make progress in the never ending Quest for Balance.

Read for Fun.
No reading challenge deadlines to fetter me.  No novels for class.  No finishing dreary stories.  Just enjoyment. 

Get a Perm.
I want curly hair.  I have always wanted curly hair.  Be the change you want to see in the world.

Lose a Bag of Flour.
5 kg isn’t that much right?  I have a hill to summit to return from Uni.  And I’ll do a 10 km run.  Then I can justifiably wear sweatbands.  No Big Deal.

Write frequently and forcibly.  Measure my success by blog posts and continued scribblings for the student magazine.**

Organise Study.
How I wishwishwish
 I’d been more conscientious with note summarising throughout the year.  If this eliminates some stress my mother won’t have to sit through hours of stress-crying over skype.  (Thanks Mama!)

Summer is too packed with work for adventures and decent friend-times.  I promise to take mini holidays to Wellington and Auckland to cultivate friendships.

Creative Nourishment.
Nothing gives me such purpose and fulfilment as theatre, live music, art galleries, musicals, crowds, films, poetry readings, rugby games, dancing, hipster cafe’s, op shops etc.  I must attend something at least once a month.  Mini-goals: perform a poem at local poetry reading and join Debating society.  I must make the most of actually living in a city.

Welcome 2013, let it be a creative and fulfilling year.

*She has also found a place in second year Law.  ULTIMATE PARTY TIMES for Law Degree!  Wahey!
** Also, eliminate use of 'I' in blogging.  Narcissism is boring.