7 February 2013

I could nose ring?

 New haircut, new mascara and old sleeper shoved up nose.  My whimsical friend asked if we could get nose piercings together.  The temptation is great (earrings in nostrils aren't very punk).  Hmm.  Something to think about.
Hat - Frutti, Cuba St, Wellington.
Hats are hard to wear.  Can't help feeling over done.  Must fight this feeling.
Necklace - Earth Elements
Marie makes memorable fused glass and wire art.
I wear the necklace everyday, carry some home with me and wish all my jewellery was handmade with as much love as this.
Watercolour and illustration themed wall.
Nothing is more interesting than the posters on people's wall.
It's a personal, unpretentious art gallery.

Linking to my flatmate's jolly rant on muesli politics

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  1. hmmm, I don't think hats are over done.
    I love the way they show our 'feminine' side :)
    You could try one with a bow?


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