23 March 2013

An aesthetically pleasing Saturday.

Today everything was outrageously aesthetically pleasing.
My sheets were given to me by a lovely neighbour.  And my book looked good against them.  Though Penguin Classics always look good.  They are sexy,stud-muffin paperbacks.  The yellow sheet was op-shopped this week.
Mhmm.  Old Floral.
Today was unreasonably sunny for Autumn in Dunedin.  The flat feasted on fresh home-made bread.  Heaven.
I made use of this picnic set/suitcase.  Thanks Mum!
Weekends are best.

11 March 2013

Fashun blogger.

This used to be an outfit blog. And wasn't that fun?  Let's try that again.
Lochiel and I went to a graveyard and she played around with filters.

Everything is retail and therefore boring.
Except for my shoe-babies.  Mhmmm Dr Martens.
The brooch migrated from Mother.
Earrings - Kimono fabric in resin.  Made by Dunedin crafty people, Kismet.
Hairtie - From Natalie.  Who should blog more.