23 March 2013

An aesthetically pleasing Saturday.

Today everything was outrageously aesthetically pleasing.
My sheets were given to me by a lovely neighbour.  And my book looked good against them.  Though Penguin Classics always look good.  They are sexy,stud-muffin paperbacks.  The yellow sheet was op-shopped this week.
Mhmm.  Old Floral.
Today was unreasonably sunny for Autumn in Dunedin.  The flat feasted on fresh home-made bread.  Heaven.
I made use of this picnic set/suitcase.  Thanks Mum!
Weekends are best.


  1. Oh my that picnic set is divine! Very pleasing!

  2. OMG I just knew it was your post when i saw the title on bloglovin - you have the such a knack with titles. Is that a ukulele i spy in the right hand side of the photo?????? Autumn colours and orange picnic and orange book - great combination. I do hope we can catch up soon - I need a buddy with me on my trips to Toffs! My 11yo is, well, an 11yo.

  3. That picnic set is extremely cool. Your Mum obviously has good taste.
    Great sheet too.
    Nice to enjoy the last of the golden weather!


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