4 April 2013

Get a Perm. Okay.

My brother has been calling me Sigourney.   Because I now look like every 1980s actress that ever existed.
Finally I have the mad mane of my dreams.

Recently I caught up with Lucy of Polkadots and Spinning Tops.  What a treat.  Op Shop bloggers are a special breed; ingenious and creative in how they dress.  It was encouraging to talk about sustainable dressing.  We took a trip to Dunedin's decent second hand shops.  Unlike George St, Princess St is not clogged by students looking for drinking costumes.  Instead you are free to hunt, breathing in the musty smell of promise.  Toffs $2 section did not disappoint.  Perfect dress (apart from the holes. unimportant).  Pastel, pleated and floral.  Watershed Thrift Moment.

You've met my babies.  Everybody loves Dr Martens.
All I know about perms is not to get them wet.  Thank you Legally Blonde.  Problem is, I really want to shower.  The flat has non existent water pressure.  I had planned to capitalise on the plumbing while I was home for mid-semester.  Such a sacrifice.

The day before.
BOOM.  Perm.

So many selfies.  Sorry not sorry.

Get a Perm